How to Build a Lawn Care Business That Makes $100,000/ MontH

What Is LBC?

Landscape Business Course is a step-by-step guide to starting and growing a landscape business to success.It contains  motivating, professional, and actionable advice on what you must do to create a sustainable, system-orientated business model.

Hi! My name is Mike Andes…

Landscape Business Course is a step-by-step video guide on how I started with $15,000 and built a successful lawn care and landscaping business. More importantly, how you can do the same thing!

The course is comprised of professionally-filmed footage that promises to keep members engaged and learning at break-neck speed. In addition to the course content and teaching, the videos show behind-the-scenes of my crew at Augusta Lawn Care ( working, our team functioning, and the office interacting with customers.

I still remember searching Google for a step-by-step process of how to start and scale up a business… there was nothing. I distinctly remember searching “landscape business course”… nothing! 5 years later I’m creating the tutorial I wish I had back then. The course is a comprehensive and chronological road map that I used to grow my business from $0 to $100,000 in monthly revenue in just 3 years. Now, I am growing my business even more and am adding course materials as we start new locations and hire more team members. We have now eclipsed $170,000 in monthly revenue and employee approximately 20 Team members… the materials in this course were the foundation for our rapid growth.

I can’t wait to hear from you in three years after you have started the course.. when you have achieved the goal of making $100K/month. Only 1% of landscaping companies ever make over $1,000,000 in a year… I believe you can become part of that group!

Yours in business,

Mike Andes

Here’s What You Get

Module 1: Starting Your Business with $15,000

Learn what type of equipment, trucks, and trailer, you should buy. How do you budget your money to launch you company?

Module 2: Mowing and Landscaping Business Basics

Learn how to create estimates for mowing and landscaping jobs that consistently produce a high profit margin. Stop guessing!

Module 3: Marketing

Don’t think that the “build it and they will come” story is true. You must learn to stand out via print, digital, online, and guerrilla marketing.

Module 4: Bookkeeping and Accounting

You absolutely must know your numbers. Churn rate, customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost… these are just a few.

Module 5: Growing the Business to $250,000/Yr

Now the business is starting to grow in Year 2. Learn how to find and develop the talent of your Team. Your Team is your greatest asset.

Module 6: Adding Retail Products

This is the unique twist in the LBC business model. Start selling soil, gravel, and bark mulch to generate more income and upsell opportunities.

I started my business 14 months ago and enrolled in LBC. The course material has saved us countless hours of frustration and thousands of dollars making mistakes.

~Jonathan G. (Countless Stripes Lawn Care)

Bonus Tips, Seminars, and Advanced Concepts

Templates and Documents

Get downloadable templates for marketing materials like postcards, flyers, and Facebook ads. Also, receive templates and examples of paperwork you need in your business, such as: employee contracts, landscape maintenance contracts, landscape estimate forms, project management paperwork, and much more!

Advanced Marketing Tips and Strategy Videos

Marketing is constantly evolving! Stay on the cutting-edge (pun intended) with updated videos about social media, Facebook Ads, EDDM, cold calling, text-to-quote, GPS mowing estimates, and more.

Who’s It For?

The Beginner

You are just starting your business but don't want to waste years and $$$ trying to figure out the industry.

The Worker

You are tired of being the guy out in the field mowing lawns and pulling weeds. You want to work ON your business, not IN it!

The New Entrepreneur

You constantly get so many ideas to improve your business but never follow through. You need a step-by-step guide and formula.

Bottom Line

This course is for the person that works so hard, cares so deeply for their employees and customers, yet isn’t seeing the profit on the bottom line. It will help you make your business systems-centric and more efficient than you ever thought possible.

I am so confident that the material within the course will change your business! It was exactly the recipe that I used to grow my business. In fact, I am so confident you will love the material that I will give you 100% of your money-back if you don’t think the course is right for you. That’s right! A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I promise, if you implement the tactics and strategies taught you will see results… if not, I want to refund your money!


Mike Andes – Founder of Landscape Business Course

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How to Build a Landscape Business That Makes $100,000/ Month
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How to Build a Landscape Business That Makes $100,000/ Month
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We enrolled in LBC late 2016. Last year [2017], we had 45% growth in our revenue. For perspective, in 2015 we had 12% growth and 2016, 8%. Mike has changed the way my wife and I look at our business. The systems-centric model has helped us spend more time as a family and less time worrying about payroll, marketing, and web layout.

Joe F.
Owner at JB Lawn Care

Mike and his marketing tactics have allowed us to scale quickly without compromising our profit margin. We always struggled with hiring people, but the hiring systems and employee manuals that LBC gave us were a game-changer!

Matt S
Co-Founder at Jason and Sons Landscape

Full Access
How to Build a Landscape Business That Makes $100,000/ Month
Full Details
Full Access + LawnPro Software

PLUS Lifetime Membership to LawnPro

How to Build a Landscape Business That Makes $100,000/ Month
Full Details

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